Cyber Safety - Cyber Savvy

December 08, 2010
The internet, as most of us know it, was launched in the 1990's. Young Baby Boomers as well as old Gen X-ers may not have the technological expertise to communicate with their children or family support members and feel comfortable doing so.

If you have a parent, grandparent or client in need of computer instruction and ...
navigating the internet, please contact me to arrange a free half-hour tutorial. During the tutorial, I patiently explain the technology and options for profile development. I also advise clients of the "risks" in replying to unsolicited contact and current spoofs/phishing scams. If desired, I am available to securely setup profiles in email, Facebook or even Skype.

I am a young Boomer, and have expanded my knowledge of technology and social media networking. A 95-year-young cousin is my "oldest" friend on Facebook. She sincerely enjoyed Skype communication with grandchildren while they studyed abroad. Her children and grandchildren share photos with ease, and the great-grandchildren do not think of Nana as a "dinosaur." Betty White thought Facebook was a waste of time, but learned that Gen-Y used the medium to re-establish her career.

Enjoy family and friends where ever they may live and understand the technology without fear. Go to the Contact Page for more information.