About CRM

CRM new logoGraphic Design, Social Media Instruction, Art Direction, Web 2.0, and promotions are all services provided by CRM Associates located in the beautiful Hudson Valley of Westchester County, NY.

A graphic designer and production artist, I was raised in Brooklyn, schooled in NYC, and received a BFA degree from what was then the newest art school in the SUNY system: College at Purchase. I fell in love with area for it's proximity to all my favorite venues, and have since called it home.

Purchase College provided me with an unsurpassed education, and training in the use of all tools for traditional art and design. While developing an eye for spacial relationships and colors, I learned to use traditional tools to craft my art. I possess skills unknown to some of today's graphic artists such as use of X-acto knives, t-squares and tweezers to paste-up mechanicals; traditional methods in archival photography; dry mounting, bevel matting and framing for art display; ripping lumber on a table saw; and turning wood on a lathe. All this traditional training prepared me for a career in graphics with concepts still applicable in today's world.

In the early 1990's, when computers exploded onto the graphics scene, I translated my knowledge to this new medium. The World-Wide-Web was still in it's infancy, yet I viewed the computer as superior tool to craft my work. It produced a more exact product, while permiting us to interface with clients and vendors in real-time. It also required a new set of skills, which I rapidly acquired. Web design and production, site hosting, social media again require more skill sets, and I perpetually study to remain on top of knowledge.

Fittingly, this is my virtual world. My hope is that it will continue to evolve and keep pace with technology. Welcome.

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